Welcome to netjets!

On behalf of the Teamsters Local 284, the NetJets Flight Attendant Executive Council (FAEC) and every NetJets Flight Attendant, we wish to welcome you on board! NetJets Flight Attendants enjoy some of the best wages, benefits and working conditions in all of aviation. As professional Flight Attendants at NetJets, we have been able to achieve so many great things because we have a strong Union that protects our rights and advances our interests every day. But the “Union” is not merely organization or a group of people – it is every NetJets Flight Attendant working together for the benefit of all of us. The membership is the Union and it is our willingness to support one another every day that makes us strong.

As an NetJets Flight Attendant, your terms and conditions of employment are set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Union and management. You will hear us call it the “CBA” or “Contract” for short. A copy is on website, you can view by navigating to CBA. Your wages, benefits, schedule, training requirements, and vacation and sick day rights along with numerous other job rights and protections are described in the CBA. If you have questions about your rights under the CBA, we strongly recommend that you speak with a member of the FAEC. They are elected Union members who know the details of the CBA inside and out. They have been elected to do one thing and one thing only – represent the interests of all NetJets Flight Attendants, and that includes you. The Union is the most important resource you have at NetJets. Use it whenever you need to and encourage others to do the same.

Union members at NetJets have the right to vote in Union elections and on amendments to the CBA. Union members may attend Union meetings, participate on Union conference calls and attend Union sponsored events. Union members also have the right to join Union committees and provide invaluable advice on a wide range of matters affecting our jobs and working conditions, including but not limited to safety, training, travel, professional standards and work schedules. We strongly encourage you stand with your fellow NetJets Flight Attendants by joining the Union and becoming an active member or our great organization. We look forward to your input and active involvement in the Union.

When you become a member of the Union, you are joining tens of thousands of other airline professionals across the United States. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the only Union that represents every craft of employees in the airline industry. Our contracts now cover over 80,000 airline employees, including flight attendants, pilots, mechanics, customer service and ramp agents, stock clerks, and flight dispatchers. The NetJets Flight Attendant contract is one of the best, and with your help and support, we can make it even better.

If you have any questions about NetJets, the CBA or the Union, please don’t hesitate to speak with a member of the FAEC. Our contact information can be found below in the New Hire Guide. Once again, we are very pleased to welcome you to NetJets and to our Union!

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